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Latest CCTV Camera Price in Bangladesh | #1 Best Supplier

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CCTV Camera Price in Bangladesh: Secure Deals Now!

When selecting CCTV cameras for home or business security in Bangladesh, the variety of brands and resolutions available can be overwhelming. Understanding CCTV camera prices in Bangladesh can assist in choosing the right camera within budget. Universe IT and Automation Ltd, an authorized distributor of various leading brands like Hikvision and Dahua, offers a wide range of CCTV cameras suitable for different applications, ensuring effective security solutions at affordable rates. These cameras serve as essential tools for surveillance, offering intelligence, investigation, and security benefits. With features like DVR systems for processing and storage, CCTV cameras from reputable brands like Dahua and Hikvision provide high-quality performance and are ideal for ensuring safety at home, workplaces, and businesses.


Top Popular CC Camera Brands

Hikvision: One of the leading CCTV camera brands globally, known for its wide range of products and advanced technology.

Dahua: Another major player in the security camera industry, offering innovative solutions and high-quality cameras.

CP Plus: Known for its robust and reliable security cameras, CP Plus is a popular choice in the Bangladeshi market.

Bosch: Renowned for its high-performance and durable security systems, Bosch is a trusted name in the CCTV industry.

Samsung: Offers a variety of surveillance solutions with advanced features and superior image quality.

ZKTeco: Provides a range of security cameras known for their advanced features and competitive pricing.

Sony: Known for its high-resolution cameras and reliable performance, Sony is a preferred choice for many.

Vivotek: Offers innovative and high-quality surveillance solutions, gaining popularity in the Bangladeshi market.

Type Of CC Camera

Dome Cameras

Well-known for its unusual dome-shaped construction.

Use Cases: Hotels, restaurants, retail establishments, and indoor monitoring.

Features: wide field of purpose, discreet design, frequently resistant to damage.

Bullet-style cameras

Shaped like a cylinder, it is long.

Use Cases: Parking lots, expansive open spaces, and outside surveillance.

Features: include waterproof housing, visible deterrence, and long-range viewing.

PTZ (Pan-Tilt-Zoom) Cameras

Capable of tilting up or down, panning left or right, and zooming in or out.

Use Cases: Stadiums and shopping centres are large regions that need constant observation.

Features:  include high zoom capability, automated tracking, and remote control.

C-Mount Cameras

Larger and capable of having lenses that can be removed.

Use Cases: Circumstances when certain lens types are required at various distances.

Features: Long-distance viewing compatible with a variety of lens combinations.

Day/Night Cameras

Function efficiently in both bright and dim lighting situations.

Use Cases: Surveillance outside in situations with shifting lighting.

Features: include good images in a range of lighting conditions and infrared (IR) filters.

Infrared/Night Vision Cameras

Features infrared LEDs for taking pictures in total darkness.

Use Cases: Monitoring in extremely dim or nonexistent light.

Features: include the ability to see clearly in the dark and night vision.

IP/Network Cameras

Send video across the internet or a network, as described.

Use Cases: Smart home systems, companies, and remote monitoring.

Features: wired or wireless, high quality, and remote access.

Wireless Cameras

Send wireless video signals to a receiver in this description.

Use Cases:  include temporary setups and flexible installation.

Features: No complicated wiring is required, and installation is simple.

High-quality (HD) video cameras

Give a video that is in high definition.

Use Cases: include places like banks and casinos where precise, high-definition photographs are necessary.

Features: resolutions of 720p, 1080p, or higher.

Thermal Cameras

Identify heat signatures as opposed to visible light.

Use Cases: Search and rescue missions, perimeter monitoring.

Features: Excellent for spotting intruders, it can see through smoke, dust, and total darkness.

360-Degree Cameras

Give a comprehensive, all-encompassing view.

Use Cases: Areas require comprehensive surveillance, such as huge retail venues.

Features: Provides immersive viewing and removes blind spots.

Hidden/Covert Cameras

Known to look natural in the surroundings.

Use Cases: include covert investigations and discrete monitoring.

Features: Small size, frequently passed off as commonplace items.

 Price Chart

CCTV Full Set Model

Price in BDT

CCTV Package 64-CH Dahua IP Camera

৳ 350,000

CCTV Package Hikvision 8-Channel DVR 1TB HDD 8 Camera

৳ 28,000

Tiandy 4-Unit IP Camera Package

৳ 21,000

CCTV Package 4-CH DVR 4-Pcs Camera with 17-inch Monitor

৳ 16,000

CCTV Package 8-CH Dahua XVR-1A08 8-Pcs Camera

৳ 22,600

CCTV System Jovision 4-CH Recorder 4 HD Night Vision Camera

৳ 9,500

CCTV Full Package with 4-Unit IP Camera

৳ 21,000

CCTV Package 4-CH Hikvision DVR 4-Pcs Camera

৳ 9,500

CCTV Package Dahua 32-CH DVR 32-Pcs Camera

৳ 95,000

CCTV Package 4-Channel Hikvision DVR 4-Pcs Camera 500GB HDD

৳ 9,500


Best CC Camera Shop In Bangladesh From Universe IT and Automation Ltd

Universe IT and Automation Ltd stands out as the premier destination for top-quality CC cameras in Bangladesh. Offering a diverse range of cutting-edge security solutions, Universe IT and Automation Ltd has positioned itself as the go-to shop for all your CC camera needs. With a reputation for excellence and a commitment to customer satisfaction, Universe IT and Automation Ltd sets the standard for superior products and exceptional service in the realm of surveillance technology. Choose Universe IT and Automation Ltd for unparalleled quality and reliability in your CC camera purchase.

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