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The price of Mango TK 28 Office Equipment Accessories starts from 20 . The price may vary due to your customization and product availability. You can buy Mango TK 28 Office Equipment Accessories from our website or visit our office. 

Model - Mango TK 28, Others - Color: White, Material: PVC, Frequency: 125KHz, Size: 85.6 x 54 x 0.84mm, Chip: TK28, Application: Patrol system, Attendance system, Access control System etc., Printing: Color Printing, Printable, Logo Printing, CMYK Printing, Silk Printing, Craft: Magnetic strip/ barcode/ QR code/ Serial Number/ hot stamping, Type: ID Card, Magnetic Card, RFID Card, Nfc Card, Smart Card, Blank Card, Surface: Matte/ Glossy/ Frosted, Thickness: 0.76mm/0.8mm/0.84mm/0.9mm/30 mil, Feature: Read only, Manchester, compatible with EM4200/ H4200, On chip voltage limiter, Full wave rectifier on chip, Large modulation depth due to a low impedance modulation device, Very small chip size convenient for implantation, Operating frequency 100-150 kHz, typical frequency 125KHz, Low power consumption


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